Yorkville Pergola Construction

Design Pavers, our goal is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape and add value to your property. A pergola by our Yorkville Design Pavers team will elevate the look of any outdoor space. They are a great investment piece, especially for homeowners who frequently entertain. You and your guests will spend more time in the backyard. They add dimension and beauty to your outdoor living space while adding privacy and protection from the sun.

Pergolas create shade on sunny days and provide a protective covering for your outdoor table, furniture, or hot tub. Our Yorkville team will build to your specifications. This means your pergola can let in as much sunlight as you would like. The closer the beams are set together or the wider the rafters, the more sun protection your pergola will provide.

Increase Your Privacy

Pergolas are useful for added privacy or for blocking unsightly views, like a neighbor’s outbuilding. Strategically placing a pergola will focus guests’ attention on this vertical structure instead of items outside of your property line.

Grow Your Garden

Vines, clematis, ivy, or wisteria do well when planted around a pergola. Not only will these plants climb the structure, but they will also provide more shade and privacy. The pergola offers the option of vertical gardening space.

Our Yorkville pergola designers will sit down with you and come up with a customized plan that is elegant and blends in with your existing structures or hardscape features.

Our Yorkville team only uses top-of-the-line products and materials for each pergola construction project. We deliver the highest level of craftsmanship and full customization. From metal to cedar and vinyl, Design Pavers has a variety of materials for you to select. Your pergola can either be a standalone structure or one that’s attached to your patio, deck, or veranda.

Choose Design Pavers for professional Yorkville pergola construction, guaranteed to add charm and character to your outdoor living space. We are passionate about bringing your creative vision to life. Our team of experienced professionals will custom design and install a stylish pergola for your residential or commercial property.