Patio Cleaning

Plainfield Patio
Cleaning & Sealing

Your patio can withstand years of foot traffic, use, and abuse. Pavers can stand up to harsh weather and the elements too. Even though your patio may be durable, it still needs to be routinely cleaned and sealed. We typically recommend Plainfield patio cleaning and sealing every three years to keep your pavers looking their best.

Design Pavers maintains your hardscape to prevent irreversible damage and costly repairs. We can develop a plan to clean, seal, or completely restore your pavers. Our Plainfield patio cleaning and sealing services keep your pavers looking new long after we’ve completed the job.

Paver Cleaning

Pavers absorb any liquid that touches them. They can soak up water, oil, grease, and pet urine like a sponge. Unfortunately, that means your paver patio is prone to staining and discoloration. Design Pavers has the tools and exclusive cleaning products needed to treat stains at the source. After a meticulous Plainfield patio cleaning, your pavers will be prepped for sealing.

Paver Sealing

Paver sealing is necessary for both longevity and aesthetics. If you have unsealed pavers, you may be at risk for early deterioration and easy staining. Pavers are reliable, but it’s important to remember they’re not invincible. Sealer can promote joint stabilization too. You’ll find a significant reduction in washout, weed growth between joints, and fewer insects.

Our sealing options ensure that your pavers will be in pristine condition and continue to look great. Our sealer is a high-performance solvent with a transparent finish. We can achieve a variety of looks, from natural to an enhanced look, and even a wet-look finish. This sealer is breathable and dries clear with an invisible finish.

Patio Restoration

Patios can become uneven, cracked, or broken for a variety of reasons. Pavers can shift due to a weak foundation, tree root growth, or general wear. Pavers can also crack or break as a result of dropping something substantial on them. In other cases, it’s user error. If you’ve forgotten to clean and seal your patio, we have the solution for you. Our professionals can make your patio look great no matter the condition.