Paver Fireplaces and Firepits Plainfield

Enjoy the outdoors in warmth and comfort with a fireplace, or a gas or wood-burning firepit created by Design Pavers Plainfield. With more and more homeowners looking to take advantage of their outdoor living spaces each year, features like outdoor paver fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. An outdoor fireplace or firepit will transform your outdoor space into the ultimate oasis.

In addition to making it possible to entertain friends and family outside for longer each season, outdoor paver fireplaces also pack a big punch in terms of landscape design. When integrated correctly, an outdoor fireplace can quickly become the focal point in any outdoor living design.

Design Pavers Plainfield is highly experienced in building outdoor fireplaces for residential and commercial use. We understand that outdoor fireplaces are a great functional focal point that elevates your backyard’s look. No matter your style, Design Pavers will develop an innovative hardscape that meets your needs and budget.

Outdoor Living,
Indoor Style

Recreate indoor living room comfort by surrounding your outdoor fireplace with inviting details such as a deep sectional sofa, coffee table, and an outdoor area rug. Make the space usable for more weeks each year by situating your hearth on a patio with a roof overhead, allowing you to get cozy during those crisp autumn evenings.

Incorporate homey elements into your fireplace design: durable light fixtures, warm outdoor fabrics, quaint landscape art, and a light-catching mirror above the mantle all work spectacularly.


If an outdoor fireplace isn’t your style, Design Pavers Plainfield also specializes in firepit construction. Firepits provide many of the same benefits as outdoor fireplaces while adding a decorative element to your brick patio. A low profile firepit will give you the warmth and cozy feeling you get from an open fire while being safely enclosed within beautifully crafted stonework.