Oswego Patio Restoration

If you are looking to protect your paver patio from damage, our professionals are here to help. Our hardscape experts are proud to provide the highest quality Oswego patio restoration services available. With years of experience in paver installation, you can be sure your patio will be taken care of during each step of the restoration process.

Design Pavers Oswego patio restoration team is available to service homes and commercial properties. We can handle any Oswego patio restoration project, big or small. Whether you have a patio that could use some minor restorations or patio that needs some major work, our specialists can help.

Settling and sinking pavers are a common problem for neglected patios. Not only are they unsightly, but they can even pose a danger to guests. They’re a significant tripping hazard! While your patio may not look like it used to, all hope is not lost. Our Oswego patio restoration techniques can restore your patio to its original beauty.

Whether you need aesthetic or foundational restoration, Design Pavers will customize solutions to ensure your patio looks its best.

Polymeric Sand

This sand mixture is rich in polymers that bind pavers together and improve your patio’s overall durability. It keeps the joints stable, pavers level, insects out, and prevents plant life from growing between the joints. In other words, re-sanding is an absolute must.

Oswego Paver Maintenance

Your patio may durable, but it still requires maintenance. Pavers are susceptible to deterioration from harsh climate environments and stains. Our hardscape team will develop a maintenance plan to keep your patio looking its best. That way, your pavers remain beautiful.

Oswego Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Regular cleanings and sealing are a must! Pavers can become dull and dirty over time. With our professional cleaning methods, we can eliminate common patio stains such as grease and pet urine. You can count on our sealants to not only enhance the appearance of your pavers but also protect them from future stains.