Naperville Patio Restoration

Design Pavers is the leader in Naperville patio restoration. We understand that pavers are the welcome mat of your home, and you will always want to keep them looking pristine. Paver maintenance is a tough task in areas with high foot traffic, like your paver porch or patio. After years of working in hardscape installation, we have developed the best Naperville patio restoration method that will keep pavers looking like new for years to come.

Without proper maintenance, pavers often settle into low spots. Uneven patios can be unsightly and can even pose a danger to your family and guests. Design Pavers can quickly and carefully remedy this issue with our Naperville patio restoration services, bringing your patio back to its best condition.

Whether you need aesthetic or foundational restoration, Design Pavers will customize solutions to ensure your patio looks its best.

Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand is a mixture polymer-rich mixture that binds pavers together and improves your patio’s overall durability. This sand keeps joints stable, pavers level, insects out, and prevents plant life from growing between the joints. In other words, re-sanding is an absolute must.

Naperville Paver Maintenance

Pavers are beautiful and can add aesthetic value to your home. As with other stones, they require maintenance to prevent significant repairs in the future. Design Pavers can customize a maintenance solution to make sure your patio is looking its best. We will restore and repair your pavers to their original vibrancy.

Naperville Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Bring back the beauty of your pavers with our cleaning and sealing services. Dirty pavers need professional cleaning because most residential power washers can’t handle the job. Our cleaning method uses industrial-strength pressure that can remove stubborn dirt and stains. Cleaning and sealing will ensure your hardscape will look great for years to come.