Downers Grove Patio Restoration

Design Pavers is at the forefront of paver patio restoration. Our Downers Grove patio restoration team has years of experience installing and repairing patios. We strongly believe in delivering the highest quality and delivering a job that far exceeds your expectations. If your patio is looking dull or uneven, our team will work hard to bring your pavers back to their original beauty.

Pavers are one of the most versatile patio materials available. Like every material, they have their positive and negative traits. On the one hand, they’re incredibly durable. On the other, they’re very porous and can absorb any liquid that comes into contact with it. Downers Grove patio restoration can remedy these negative traits and keep your pavers looking their best.

Whether you need aesthetic or foundational restoration, Design Pavers will customize solutions to ensure your patio looks its best.

Polymeric Sand

Protect your patio from the elements and insects. Polymeric sand is a unique mixture of polymer binders that improve your patio’s overall durability. The sand forms a bond that ensures pavers are secure and prevents paver joints from cracking.

Downers Grove Paver Maintenance

Pavers require much less maintenance than other hardscape materials, but they still need professional attention from time to time. Patios can shift, settle, and lose their vibrancy over time. Our crew will devise a proper care and maintenance plan to extend the life of your patio.

Downers Grove Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Give your patio a new life with professional cleaning. Our method uses industrial-strength pressure that can remove stubborn dirt and stains. From there, we will seal your pavers to preserve their new look.

Sealing your pavers helps protect them against drips, spills, stains, and the elements. Sealant penetrates deep into the material and creates a protective shield. It leaves a distinctive wet look or natural finish.