Patio Cleaning
& Sealing

Part of having a custom paver patio involves diligent maintenance. Paver patio cleaning and sealing are absolutely necessary. You must tend to your patio to preserve its foundation, just like you must care for your house to maintain its appearance. Generally, we recommend cleaning and sealing every three years to keep your patio looking its best.

If you forgot about sealing your patio, you might have some challenges ahead of you. Cracks and vegetation can overtake your pavers, and your patio will eventually succumb to more significant issues.

Design Pavers will maintain your custom hardscape. We specialize in cleaning and removing tough stains to keep your patio looking like new. Our team is highly experienced in repairing hardscape environments. It’s our goal to prevent irreversible patio damage. We offer professional cleaning and sealing of new or existing projects.

Paver Cleaning

Over time, hardscapes develop stains from oil, grease, tire tracks, mold, and more. Design Pavers has the tools and exclusive cleaning products needed to treat stains at the source. It should be noted that stubborn, penetrating stains like motor oil and rust may not come out.

Paver Sealing

After ensuring that the pavers are completely dry, Design Pavers will seal them. Sealing helps protect your pavers from the elements and the unexpected—spills, leaks, and pet stains. It also helps preserve their shine and enhance the overall color.

The sealant creates an invisible barrier on top of the pavers that repels water, oil, and other substances. As long as you spot clean and rinse the pavers clean when you discover a spot, your pavers should maintain their beauty.

Patio Restoration

Before we clean the patio or apply the sealant, we must first evaluate the condition of your pavers. If you have noticed uneven pavers, sinking, cracks, or vegetation, we strongly recommend opting for patio restoration before the cleaning and sealing process. That way, we can uphold the integrity of your investment as well as elevating its aesthetics.